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MJCI shows a big drop in the number of OTB and more significantly, a decrease in betting machines in 2008. These are largely affected by the acquisition of the totalizator system and machines by MJCI. Note that the company only owned one hundred ninety five machines prior to 2008. Unfortunately, not enough replacement machines are available to bring the same level of coverage and facilities to the racing public by end of 2008.

Off track or off course betting continues to attract racing fans minus the real-life spectacle of in-track or on-course racing. It remains as the major source of racing revenues and is made possible by technological breakthroughs in the totalizator system and satellite live feed.

The decrease in betting machines also reinforced the OTB rationalization of the Company. The strategic positioning and operations evaluation of all OTB's is a continuing program whose objective is to improve the viability of individual stations by focusing and maintaining the development of high grossing OTB's while geographically covering the full spectrum of the racing market.


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